Innovation areas

As a priority, VEGEPOLYS deals with innovation around its areas of innovation:


These fields call for progress in cross-cutting areas such as:

  • Digitization and management of major databases
  • Use of sensors aiming at the data acquisition at any scale  (whole plants, microorganisms responsible for diseases, parcels of land, fruits, ...)

VEGEPOLYS integrates every form of innovation: technical innovation and also service, marketing, organization, business models innovation ...  Cf Organizational and market innovation


VEGEPOLYS federates all the actors of tomorrow's plant production:

The producers of fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, vine, medicinal and aromatic plants, mushrooms, wines and ciders


 Upstream, the suppliers:

  • The seed companies and breeders,
  • The actors of plant protection and nutrition,
  • The agricultural equipment manufacturers: mechanization, greenhouses... 
  • The suppliers of optimization tools and devices of farming systems
  • The substrate suppliers and the packaging and containers suppliers, too


  • The actors of the first processing
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Viadeo Share