To have your project approved and funded

To have your projects approved or supported by VEGEPOLYS allows you to:

  • have access to funding reserved for approved projects (Fond Unique Interministériel de l'Etat, FUI, French interministerial fund, or the dynamic call for tender of sectors of the Conseil Régional, regional council, of the Pays de la Loire),
  • benefit from a support regarding the design and particularly benefit from the VEGEPOLYS network to identify partner companies and/or laboratories
  • be able to show the interest of VEGEPOLYS and of the specialized plant sectors regarding your project,
  • inform VEGEPOLYS and its members about your projects.

The different categories of VEGEPOLYS's collaborative projects are as follows:

  • The collaborative innovative projects: they bring together at least two firms and a research laboratory. They aim at developing innovations which will be marketed in the years following the achievement of the project for the benefit of the companies' competitiveness. They are either approved (projects submitted to the FUI or to the dynamic call for tender of sectors of the Conseil Régional of the Pays de la Loire), or even supported as the Investissements d'Avenir or BPI FRANCE projects
  • The other R&D projects:

- the approved ones (projects submitted to the ANR, Agence Nationale de la Recherche, national research agency)

- the supported ones (for all the other French financing windows).


How to have your projects approved?


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VEGEPOLYS has implemented a joint committee (firms / research and higher education / technical institutes), VEGEPOLYS's Comité d'Orientation et de Suivi Scientifique et Technologique (COSST), steering scientific and technological monitoring committee.

Its missions

  • to contribute to the drafting of the development strategy with regard to research and innovation in the specialized plant sector
  • to deliver an opinion about projects requesting their approval or support by VEGEPOLYS
  • to follow the projects in progress to encourage the valorization of generated innovations


It established some rules and regulations: Download the rules and regulations

Its composition

  • 12 people from the VEGEPOLYS member companies,
  • 12 people from the "research and higher education" community.
  • 6 people from national technical institutes


Each of them takes part intuitu personae and gets involved within a formalized confidentiality agreement not to disseminate nor use for their purposes the information passed on within the COSST system.

About the COSST members



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