To optimize your organization and its developments

VEGEPOLYS gives its members different tools to support their internal organization, optimize their processes, integrate the sustainable development criteria, recruit and train their human resources.


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

une RSE VEGEPOLYSThe CSR approach enables to find the balance in its global corporate strategy between social, environment and economy with the involvement of actors who are internal and external to the company. It is all about building a perennial strategy and to federate in its sustainable development actions. VEGEPOLYS suggests three ways to address the matter:

The toolbox

  • Presentation of workshops
  • auto-diagnosis
  • methodology handbook


The collective workshops

3 thematic workshops are proposed upon request  (from 8 interested companies) and focus on:

  • What is the CSR?
  • How to combine CSR and continuous improvement?
  • How to master sustainable communication?

An individual support

  • Diagnosis
  • Listening to stakeholders
  • Development of an action plan
  • Communication

5.5-day programme. The Pays de la Loire PMEs benefit from assistance.


Continuous improvement

schema amelioration continu

The continuous improvement (LEAN MANAGEMENT) is a search based on the elimination of wastage (surface, time, stock, energy). VEGEPOLYS, competitiveness cluster, has launched a survey in partnership with some ISTIA students with regard to the development of the Lean Management techniques in the plant sectors. We have filed 7 methodological sheets to help our members to implement their continuous improvement strategies in a reasonable way.  

And to be able to go further, some reflections are developed around the freed enterprise and happiness at work.


Human resources and training

VEGEPOLYS proposes several tools for recruiting and training the human resources:


  • Connection with a network of higher education institutes dedicated to plant
  • Providing the calendar of training periods available by type of training
  • HR recruitment and management consultancy via agencies which are VEGEPOLYS members
  • Collective workshops organized by the consular chambers
  • Toolbox dedicated to seasonal employment:
  • Employment and Training committee (twice a year) to discuss different topics of interest for the HR officers
  • Supporting new trainings

La bourse à l'emploi  (job platform) is a French online portal where you can leave or consult job offers, trainings and profiles. Please feel free to leave your offers in English.

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