Your strategy

In order to allow you to strengthen your strategy or to adapt your positioning, several tools are proposed to you:

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Your referent adviser

VEGEPOLYS proposes a "referent" who knows about your activity and can give you some personalized advice according to the needs you will define together.
Being a VEGEPOLYS member thus allows you to benefit at least from an annual meeting with regard to the analysis of your strategy and to the assistance for the integration of an innovation approach in line with this strategy.


Surveys and intelligence

logo veille et prospective 1/3The Veille & Prospective service, led by the Maine-et-Loire CCI, proposes the members some tools to analyze the markets, the changes and gives strategic reflections.

The prospective survey

This is a strategic decision-making tool for the VEGEPOLYS members. This work lists the elements of the change detected during one year to project them onto some pre-established scenarios in order to measure the potential evolutions from year to year.

Carried out every year by the VEGEPOLYS Veille et Prospective department, it takes place in 4 stages :
 1  The professionals and consumers are interviewed about their perception of the trends and elements of change observed during the past year.
 2  Theme after theme, a synthesis of the elements illustrates the observation part with concrete examples of today's key trends which may influence tomorrow.
 3  An analysis of the collected and synthesized information measures the impact of this information on the prospective scenarios ("In 2020, are we going towards a sector marked by industrialization?"). A group of members meets to take part in this work and feed the orientations and actions part.
 4  A return to all the VEGEPOLYS members is proposed every year to review these key elements.

The business intelligence flash letter

une flash

It offers a multi-sector vision of the plant field. Its mission is to give answers to these questions: What is the news in my field? Which trends in my market? Where can I look for creativity?

It is the result of market intelligence around these main issues: Consumption-Marketing-Products-Actors. 
The Flash VIE'tal letter is only for the VEGEPOLYS and TERRALIA members. 

Access to personalized survey services at a preferential tariff for the VEGEPOLYS members


Any potential support starts with an analysis of your needs and the feasibility of the issue to deal with. VEGEPOLYS supports you individually and confidentially while adjusting your projects or offer.

Some examples:

  • Diversification, innovation, product launching, what should I know?
  • How about the press news around my idea, my new concept?
  • What is the market's offer, demand, expectation?
  • Who are the present actors, their positioning and weight?
  • What do you know about your competitors' exact influence?
  • What is the news among my colleagues? What are their communication actions?
  • What do I have to take into account in my business argument?
  • How about your e-reputation?

A strategic support

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The Dinamic Entreprises is designed to give the PMEs, in 9 months, the means to strengthen their competitiveness over time, by federating their employees around factual and measurable objectives. Thanks to a team of experts, each company is individually supported in their search for development (internal, commercial, innovation) via consulting, training and provision of tools and efficient proven methodologies.

The programme is funded by the Conseil Régional, the State and the European Union and led by the CCI Pays de la Loire.





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