To support your international projects

VEGEPOLYS supports the design of your international innovation projects especially through helping you in identifying potential partners.

VEGEPOLYS relies on a supporting structure and two networks of partner clusters:

homme et monde

An easier access to European funding


For the companies, Europe is not only an R&D projects funding opportunity but a means to strengthen their development worldwide, too.

The services offered by VEGEPOLYS to its members:

1. Some information targeted at the calls for projects and some other information relating to European funding in your fields.

2. Some connections with all the European partners of the clusters in order to set up future consortiums and thus increase your chances of being incorporated into a European project.

3. For the PMEs-ETIs (small and medium-size firms, mid-cap companies): a technical and financial support for the design and the submission of your future European project.


  • to know better about European funding, calls for projects,
  • to assess your possibilities of European projects,
  • to identify international partners,
  • to be supported to design a European project


These services come within the scope of the PROPICE structure implemented by the 3 French competitiveness clusters dedicated to plant (Qualiméditerranée, Terralia and VEGEPOLYS) in order to incorporate better their PMEs and ETIs into the H2020 projects.

These services are offered by VEGEPOLYS in partnership with the UNAM Service Europe & Recherche department (Universities of Nantes, Angers, Le Mans).

For further information: Consult the PROPICE presentation form


The PIC (Plant InterCluster) : an international plant network

The PIC was created in 2011 to promote the French expertise in plant through a consortium of 3 French plant clusters:logo PIC 1/4

  • Qualiméditerranée
  • Terralia

Today, the PIC groups together 20 foreign clusters (580 companies and 130 research and training centres) which meet once a year at the time of the PlC Meeting (1st meeting in May 2011 in France (Paris), 2nd meeting in May 2012 in Portugal, 3rd meeting in June 2013 in Marseille, 4th meeting in May 2014 in Argentina, 5th meeting in June 2015 in France (Angers).

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Natureef's aim is to start technological and commercial cooperations between PMEs coming from 9 different European clusters (VEGEPOLYS being one of them) and representing each of the different business sectors:logo natureef

  • biomass
  • energy
  • agri-food
  • information and communication technologies
  • machinery
  • environment
  • water
  • plant

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