Knowledge of plant

This axis is to advance knowledge on the description, characterization and measurement of the plant itself but also its mechanisms and its interactions with the environment. This knowledge is deployed at different scales: those of the genome, of the cell, and of the plant to those of the plot and the landscape.

This knowledge will serve as a base for innovation around and on the plant.

The skills implemented are broad and pointed. They are available in the following fields:

  • genetic,
  • genomics,
  • physiology,
  • metagenomics,
  • metabolomics,
  • transcriptomics,
  • epigenetics
  • microbial ecology,
  • agronomy.

They are widely present in the academic partners of VEGEPOLYS, who regularly feed new knowledge upstream to innovation partners.

Our objectives:

  • Improve knowledge of plant constituents, knowledge of the mechanisms involved and characterize the surrounding environment (rhizosphere, phyllosphere)
  • Develop tools for identifying and measuring signals associated with plant conditions and their evolution

VEGEPOLYS also aims to support the projects of this axis "knowledge of the plant", to make them known in the network and to disseminate the results which are as many promises of innovation for tomorrow.


Key words: phenotyping, physiological mechanisms, plant-environment interactions, phytochemistry, sensors, ecosystem, measurement tool

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