Plant breeding and Seed performance

Creating new varieties is for VEGEPOLYS a strong and historical innovation area.
The new varieties should allow the producers to achieve their goals related to the reduction in the inputs use (especially pesticides), and related to a better quality of their products for the consumer, distributors and processors, while preserving the outputs to face the "feeding-the-planet" challenge.


Research areas:

  • Breeding varieties resistant or tolerant to the environmental diseases and/or stress,
  • Breeding varieties with the quality criteria expected by every link in the chain.
  • Designing ideotypes optimizing the following interactions, genetics X environment X technical sequences
  • Producing better seeds
  • Optimizing plant breeding processes

VEGEPOLYS federates the major French seed companies and breeders, allowing them to work with the researchers and firms of the plant protection, high-throughput and high-precision phenotyping equipment designers, with companies specialized in data processing...

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  • Innovation

Function : Plant Breeding and Urban Vegetal Development Manager

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