Plant health

Reducing the use of pesticides is a strong society request worldwide which led in France to set up the Ecophyto plan. To achieve these objectives requires some alternative solutions to enable the farmers to produce without any loss of quality and yield.

In partnership with the research teams, VEGEPOLYS supports the plant protection actors and particularly the biocontrol ones. They develop new treatments and tools in order to have and use them in the field in an accurate and reliable way.

Today, innovation extends to all the products regarding plant health with biostimulation in particular.


Research areas:

  • Knowing better about the biopests and their interactions with the host and working out some reliable and quick methods of diagnosis
  • Developing some products to protect cultures with low risk for people and environment including the biocontrol agents
  • Designing tools to secure the use of the protection products in fields.
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  • Innovation

Function : Plant Health, New Technologies and Cropping System Development Manager

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