To co-innovate with the consumer

A living lab is a co-creation space between consumers, companies and researchers. So, users are involved as soon as the beginning of the design phases, and then they are questioned at different stages (idea, concept, prototype).
The consumers are actually the key actors of the innovation process, which thus secures the marketing of new products and services.


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A network of experts and technologies

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The richness of the VEGECONSO living lab is based on the expertise it has gathered. With a national network of actors, offices, technological platforms and laboratories, this tool allows you to ask for specialities as various as ergonomics, sensory approach, digital or even design.

To develop the knowledge about the consumers thanks to a network of researchers:
the academic community calls upon several supplementary fields such as sensory analysis, anthropology, economy, physics of materials, digital technologies... Together, they contribute to feed the knowledge about the consumers' behaviours and preferences through colloquiums or collaborative projects.


The living lab's tools

  • To know better its market and consumers through surveys and intelligence
  • To listen to, to question and to observe the consumer with polls, focus groups, observations of uses and practices in real time (eyes tracking, ...)
  • To create new products and services from an idea. The VEGEPOLYS teams support you during the different co-creation and experimentation stages of your new product or service.
  • Collective creativity to pool the projects with collective workshops, brainstorming, committees, working groups...
  • Soon ! An online platform to interact directly with the consumer.
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