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VEGEPLOLYS allows you to expand your network and partnerships, to optimize your knowledge and intelligence about specialized hot topics.

  • Networking and directory of members
  • News, intelligence and newsletter
  • Members' extranet site
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Networking and directory

VEGEPOLYS makes networking between members easier, individually or collectively, formally or informally and with the networks it has set up in France and abroad.

  • Directory of members

A great number of the connections happen during animations and business meetings which allow you to meet members or foreign companies within the scope of a VEGEPOLYS international event: the VIBE (VEGEPOLYS International Business Event).

Extranet site restricted to members

An extranet site is dedicated to the VEGEPOLYS members in order to have at their disposal some more detailed contents, to discover the achieved projects, the proposed partnerships and to use some resource tools. To have access to it, you can click, on each page of the site, the "Access restricted to members" icon on the top banner. The codes are sent to the membership department and thus appear on the VégéM@g. newsletter. The reports and presentations are in English.

  • Access restricted to members

News and intelligence, newsletters

Les newsletters réservés aux adhérents :

  • The VégéM@g is about the current affairs of VEGEPOLYS services (animations, projects...) as well as our members' activities and news (in French).
  • The Flash VIE'tal: an intelligence newsletter (every 2 weeks) to give a multisectoral vision of the plant field around these main topics: Consumption/Marketing/Products/Actors (in French).
  • The press review and the Plante & Cité newsletter are available to the VEGEPOLYS members on request (in French).



All the events organized by VEGEPOLYS are opportunities to network with the other members.

Meet them in our agenda (in French).



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