To generate innovation ideas

The innovation department proposes throughout the year:

  • Some thematic meetings: to tell you about the latest scientific and technical progress and to make you meet the involved laboratories and companies
  • Some open or exclusive emergence workshops, on VEGEPOLYS or a member's initiative
  • Some calls for ideas of projects



The innovation team can also go and meet you within your company to push your innovative ideas forward.

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For instance, the proposed themes were:

  • Updating on biostimulants
  • Epigenetics
  • Robotics in partnership with ID4Car, CRA Bretagne, MEITO, Captronic and BDI.
  • Smart agriculture  with ESA and WE Network
  • Nature in town and climate change: stakes and examples of good practices in partnership with Plante & Cité,
  • Companies/research day in partnership with Objectif Végétal
  • Plant benefits in the city in partnership with Plante & Cité
  • Viadeo Share