Creation and management of projects

Together with its scientific and technical expertises, the team at the R&D centre of VEGEPOLYS also has expertise in project management.

Companies of all sizes, academic research laboratories and technical institutes all take advantage of these skills particularly for the preparation of documents requesting finance for R&D projects and also to assist managers in collaborative projects.

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Preparation of  funding applications

Our experts are very familiar with funding applications for innovative projects such as the French Single Inter-Ministry Fund, BPI France, and calls for projects for the French 'Investing in the Future' scheme.  

Their help will save you a lot of  time when preparing funding applications, particularly in planning and coordination at the development stage of projects, chairing consortium meetings and making sure that a quality funding application is ready on time: thus giving you the best chance of obtaining the finance..

Furthermore, depending on your project,  our experts can give you advice on obtaining funding via VEGEPOLYS which is reserved for the competitiveness clusters.



Management of projects

The R&D Centre has a lot of experience in managing collaborative national projects like those for the French Single Ministry Fund.

It could manage your consortium project in the way required:

  • Organisation of committees and minutes of the meetings
  • Coordination of technical reports and financing
  • General project management
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