Our expertise: plant molecules

Phytochemistry allows you to:

  • Identify the composition of your products (secondary metabolites), control the quality of your raw materials and of your final products, characterise and standardise your extracts within the framework of regulatory dossiers
  • Characterise the response of your plants to new inputs, research molecular markers  and develop new tools to aid varietal selection.


double image phytochimie

Research and development

  • Development and application of extraction methods, purification dose of active ingredients and phytochemicals tracers
  • Identification and structural analysis of plant molecules
  • Monitoring of quality and stability of raw materials and final products
  • Research of active compounds using bioguided fractionation

Literature reviews

  • Publications and patents

Advice and expertise

  • A team able to offer customised analysis

Training and transfer of technology

  • Transfer of standard methods
  • Training of technical staff

Our equipment


  • Lyophilizators
  • Automatic extractor ASE 200
  • Evaporators


  • Flash Chromatography SPE
  • CCM/HPLC automatised with densitometer


  • HPLC-Fluo
  • GC and GC-MS
  • Spectroscopy UV-VIS


  • Mass Spectrometry MS and MSn
  • NMR

Sourcing - Partnerships - Expertise with the French quality plant production sector: Ornamental and Medical Plants, Fruits and Vegetables, Seed and Grains.

Matrices : plants, plant raw material, natural extracts, fungi, matrices, complex plant mixtures





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 Notre expertise les molécules du végétal


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