Evaluate the protection efficiency of your product

Plant protection and cropping systems bring together a multi-disciplinary field of expertise and relies on the participation  of  all of the R&D Centre.

Our phytoprotection service provides an evaluation of plant protection products and characterises the effect of both  bio-control and conventional products: efficiency of protection and mode of action

  • Our specificities
  • Our expertise in phyto-protection


double service protection des plantes

Our specificities

  • A range of targeted pathosystems which respond to your current major problems
  • Efficient tests on aphids (for other insects, please consult us)
  • A molecular screening platform ( SDP) : poster method qPFD platform with a kit of 28 plant defence markers for four crops
  • A new laboratory equipped with all the latest technologies in the heart of the 'Campus du végétal'
  • Directly linked to leading research teams of the 'Campus du végétal' (arboriculture, ornamental, SDP) and the national field networks  (member of the following networks: RMT Elicitra, RMT VegDiag, IBMA)


We can characterise in-lab the effects of plant protection products via tests on the effectiveness of the protection and the efficiency of the induction of the plant's natural defence mechanisms



Our expertise in phytoprotection

Efficiency of the protection on  targeted crops and pathogens

  • Apple /scab, fire blight and aphids
  • Vines / downy mildew
  • Tomato/ grey mould
  • Lettuce/aphids and mildew
  • Cucumber / powdery mildew
  • Rose / black spot and powdery mildew
  • Potato/ late blight
  • Wheat / septoria

We also offer phyto-toxicity tests on all crops.


Study of mode of action in vitro and on plants

  • In vitro studies on the biocide effect and the dose effect of a product.
  • Tests on plants will help you to identify the optimal position of the product: determination of the curative, preventive and systemic effect, dose, organ

Efficiency of the induction of the plant's defence mechanisms

  • Identification of induced defence genes/pathways with the help of  the molecular tool available for  apple, potato, grapevine and tomato
  • Fast and reliable screening on a laboratory scale of NDS (Natural Defence Stimulators)
    • Identification of the direct effect or potentiation of NDS
    • Identification of varieties most responsive to natural defence stimulators

Expertise associated with the chemistry of natural products

  • Chemical screening and quantitative analysis of secondary metabolites
  • Characterisation of the active compounds of the plant
  • Extraction and purification of natural products

Other expertise

  • Bacterial disease and soil fungi: Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas,Fusarium ...
  • Quantification of mycorhizae
  • Production of inoculums

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