Plant breeding

Our Plant breeding service allows you to initiate or accelerate your breeding programmes. We can offer you advice, design your plant breeding or carry out specific studies.


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Our expertise

Plant breeding advice

  • Assessment and audit of breeding programme
  • Scientific and technical feasibility studies
  • Transfer of methodologies and techniques

Design and management of breeding programmes

  • State of the art, bibliographic report
  • Description and characterisation of plant material
  • Development of breeding programmes
  • Hybridization and tracking progenies
  • Outsourcing of a part or all of your breeding programmes

Our technologies

Increase the diversity of your plant collections

  • Chemical mutagenesis
  • Interspecific hybridsand and embryonization
  • Polyploidization

Control and screening your hybrids

  • Genetic profile
  • Development of genetic maps
  • Detection of QTLs
  • Marker-Assisted Breeding (MAB)

Conserve and cleaning your varieties and plant collections

  • Development of in vitro propagation protocols
  •  meristem culture

Charaterisation of parents and progenies

  • Pollen viability and fertility
  • Hybridity and pedigree controls
  • Genetic diversity and phylogenetic tree
  • Ploidy level

VEGEPOLYS members receive a 15% price reduction for its services.


Phytochemistry for plant breeding

  • Develop new selection  tools for fruits and vegetables based on biochemistry
  • Identification and dosage : taste forming compounds,  pigments, undesirable compounds
  • Viadeo Share