Our networks in France and worldwide

As a competitiveness cluster with a global approach, VEGEPOLYS is open to the world, develops its international network and builds partnerships with other French and foreign clusters.

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VEGEPOLYS is the initiator and coordinator of the consortium and of the  Plant InterCluster network. With the Terralia and Qualiméditerrannée clusters, it has created a global network of plant clusters. This one brings together 20 clusters from all over the world meeting once a year at the time of the PIC Meeting.
For more information : https://www.vegepolys.eu/en/plant-intercluster/home/

logo natureefVEGEPOLYS is a NATUREEF network member. This network composed of 9 European clusters wants to improve the natural  efficient resources. Under the ESCP project (European Strategic Cluster Partnership), the NATUREEF  consortium aims at making the Action Plan   networking and creating innovation activities in the Natural Resource efficiency among its members and the target countries (specially South America, Asia and ASEAN Countries). To achieve this, the consortium will establish some objectives and  a series of different activities. For more information : http://www.natureef.eu/introduction/

Regarding Big Data and Traceability, VEGEPOLYS leads since October 2018 the TRACK Project. This network of 5 European clusters aims to improve the support given to the technologic and agri-food players, pushing them to meet and collaborate. The service provided contribute also to enhance the European visibility of our SMEs’solutions and better identify the challenges and good practices for emergence of projects and products. For further information : www.trackgrowingdata.eu


VEGEPOLYS support our members in developing their activities worldwide as well as in achieving their innovative collaborative projects with international partners.

VEGEPOLYS is also :

- an actif member on the AFPC, competitiveness and business clusters organization. For more information : http://www.afpc.eu/

- the coordinator of the European technogicial partnership of the Clusters Propice (PPTE)

- the partner of an European project in 2016 (COSME)

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